Influential Foundation

Re-imagining the Role of a Philanthropic Foundation


A large and well-established philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting its community and responding to urgent constituent challenges sought to launch a new rapid response innovation team. The leader of this new group was challenged to leverage the organizations existing expertise and blend it with an entrepreneurial approach.  The company sought external partners to help launch this new team.


[et_pb_dp_dmb_module_1169 admin_label=”Communication Design” _builder_version=”3.0.105″ element=”inspire_cd” description=”Consulted with the client to develop a design thinking based strategy and approach to urgent community and partner challenges.” background_layout=”light” /][et_pb_dp_dmb_module_1169 admin_label=”Workshop” _builder_version=”3.0.105″ element=”train_wk” description=”Facilitated a Design Thinking workshop to help the client introduce a new approach to creative problem solving to colleagues and community partners. ” background_layout=”light” /][et_pb_dp_dmb_module_1169 admin_label=”Coaching” _builder_version=”3.0.105″ element=”scale_co” description=”Participated in regular coaching calls with the client on how to launch rapid prototypes of new programs and services, and advised on how to structure an innovation function within a large well-established organization. ” background_layout=”light” /]